4 Health Mistakes Woman Commit in their Fifties

4 Health Mistakes Woman Commit in their Fifties

Are you turning into fifties? If yes, then this is the right time to use your knowledge and experience for a healthy life. Woman at this age are aware when they consult with gynaecologist and, take proper nutrition and do exercises regularly. These will probably make you look and feel absolutely amazing.

However, your middle-agesis the time when woman have to face some health challenges that may or may not be good for everyone. There is still a positive side for everything and these challenges cannot stop you from enjoying your life. Want to keep yourself fit and strong at every stage of life? Let’s talk about some common health mistakes that should be avoided at midlife and beyond.

Do not ignore your heart health – As women tend to grow old, there are higher chances of developing heart disease. Menopause is not a reason for cardiovascular disease but if you are a heavy smoker, don’t exercise regularly or are overweight, then this can certainly take a toll on the overall health condition for women in their 50s and above. The positive aspect is that it is never that late to quit your bad habits that can increase the chances of developing heart disease. You need to perform heart health tests that include – blood glucose, pressure and cholesterol level. Talk to your doctor if you have problems with weight loss, blood pressure control and doing regular exercises.

Living with menopausem – Often times women choose to deal with menopausal issues like urinary and vaginal problems, hot flushes and sleeping difficulties. Though the short-term use of hormonal treatment has helped several women dealing with menopause, everyone may not be willing to take hormones. If hot flashes may be the reason for difficulty, there are effective ways to cool down the heat. These include – feeling more positive about menopause, sleeping strategies and relaxation techniques. Besides, bladder issues can be solved with proper medication and behavioral changes. See a good doctor who has special interest in menopause if they face menopausal difficulties.

Little to no sex life – With age, the sexual desire in women decline. The need for a sexual partner may change due tohormonal imbalancesduring menopause that causes dryness in the vagina and potentially painful intercourse. There are over-the-counter lubricating products available that can help women who want to enjoy their sex life in the 50s. It is extremely important for women to understand thatsex can have a great impact ontheir body and mind that can lead to improved pelvic muscle tone, better psychological well-being and healthier vaginal tissues.Despite the big challenges, sexual relationships can improve a lot as people become old since women do not have to fear of getting pregnant and couples have less stress about their careers and financial situations.

Weight gain is something unavoidable – The chances of gaining weight increases as people become old. But this does not mean in there is no way to get rid of those extra pounds. This mainly happens since the energy decreases during menopause as there are hormonal chances and loss of muscles. If you eat the same kind of food and exercise like you did in the thirties, you might probably gain more weight. Though proper exercise is a good thing for your body at this age, you will have to eat smartly and avoid taking high calorie food items. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits and lean proteins and know what you are eating to avoid gaining weight.

Apart from the ones discussed above, many women seem to lose their sense of positivity and purpose during their old age. This is one of the biggest reasons why they have bad health and poor sense of well-being. It is advised to see the doctor at your nearest well woman clinic to have a purpose in your mid-age and beyond. This can be done in the form of gardening, learning something new, taking care of your pet or joining some classes for a better life. These small things can actually pay you a lot in the long run and give you a purpose for having good relationships with one and all.

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