5 Ways to Overcome Your Childbirth Anxiety

5 Ways to Overcome Your Childbirth Anxiety

The thought of pregnancy incites feelings of joy and happiness in a women. Giving birth to a baby is same as creating a new life within you. However, not all women are able to take it this way. For some, childbirth is a terrific feeling that turns into a phobia as soon as they get to know about the pregnancy. The anxiety of childbirth is termed as tokophobia. Do you also see yourself having this phobia? Are you a resident of London? If your answer is yes, there are various private gynecologist in your city that renders tricks to overcome this fear efficiently. Here, in this blog, we have discussed the root cause of tokophobia and suitable ways to overcome the problem.

1. Get hold of the root cause

When there is a problem, there is surely a cause behind it. Similarly, when you need to find out the origin of your anxiety. Where does this fear come from? On visiting your Private Consultant Gynaecologist in London he/she will first discuss about the possible causes of tokophobia, some of which are:

  • Trauma: Your previous fearful experience of childbirth
  • Antenatal depression: Fear can be a crucial reason for your depression regarding pregnancy.
  • Abuse: Frightening experiences of sexual abuse and rape can be critical factors.
  • General anxiety: Possibilities of suffering from anxiety before getting pregnancy.
  • Learned fear: Critical stories of delivery are more noticed than ones that are easier. These stories contribute to your fear.

2. Share your feelings

It is important to let your family know about your feeling. You should talk to your husband about how you are feeling with the pregnancy. Also talk to female friends and relatives who have gone through the experience of childbirth to ease yourself a bit. You can even talk to your gynaecologist in London about any health issue you think might affect your pregnancy.

3. Make sure you know your midwife

Having a baby under supervision of someone you know is an advantage for you. At least you know you and your baby are in safe hands and this boosts your confidence subsiding the anxiety. When you are friendly terms with your midwife at the gynaecologist clinic, you can freely share your opinions with her. This means you can talk to her anytime you feel the treatment is going in the wrong direction.   

4. Get admission to an antenatal class

Antenatal classes are important to get answers to the disturbing questions coming into your mind now and then. “How much pain will I experience?” “When will I get my labour?”  “How will I know about it?” and many more such queries. These are the things causing more and more anxiety and getting enroled in an antenatal class helps you overcome from the anxiety.

5. Think positively

Being positive all through the months of your pregnancy is very important to stay prepared even for the most critical situation during childbirth. Know that giving birth to a child is incredible and you are a strong women to do it. 

Along with following these easy ways to overcome tokophobia, make sure you keep maintaining regular visits at a Gynae Clinic near you to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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