8 Factors that Hurt Both Your Sperm Count and Sperm Health

8 Factors that Hurt Both Your Sperm Count and Sperm Health

Approximately 50 million sperm gets discharged in a single ejaculation by any healthy, able-bodied male. In a sexual intercourse, only about 200 of them manage to reach near a mature egg in order to facilitate fertilisation. Therefore, you can easily understand how very competitive life is for your sperm cells.

These days, male infertility has become an even bigger issue.Gynaecologists and sexual health experts in London suggest that males need to take care of their sperm health. Dr Mr Hikmat Naoum, Consultant Gynaecologist at the Gynae Clinic in London shares the following tips to keep your sperm healthy and active. It is relevant mentioning that the private clinic is located on Harley Street in Marylebone and has operated successfully since 1984.

Tips to maintain your sperm health

  • Care what you wear: Avoid wearing tight trousers and underwear. Stop wearing any synthetic materials and avoid being near to heat. All these factors are known to trigger infertility among men. Avoiding being near heat is difficult in many professions, like factory workers who work near a furnace. It’s important to remember that the testes (the organ that produces sperm) are most efficient at a little cooler environment than your core body temperature.
  • Geography matters: Research reveals that geography plays a part in influencing the average sperm count. Men in New York recorded higher sperm count than their counterparts in Los Angeles.
  • Avoid hot tubs and saunas: When you use saunas and hot tubs frequently, your sperm count is likely to drop. Heat is known to minimise the production of sperm.
  • Alcohol consumption: Habitual consumption of alcohol on frequent basis lowers your sperm count. Moreover, alcohol may also kill the sperm producing cells in your testicles. If you’re concerned about fertility, you’ve to restrict alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • Smoking: Smokers are known to have lower fertility rates than non-smokers. Smoking affects the health of your sperm as well as restricts their natural mobility. Stop smoking if you value your sperm count.
  • Drugs: Prescription medicine like many steroids and even cytotoxic drugs, which are used in cancer treatment, affect fertility in men. Consult your family physician if you’re prescribed any long-term medication for whatever reason.
  • Environmental toxins: Certain environmental toxins are known to reduce your sperm count. These include certain pesticides, perfumes containing phthalates, estrogen injected in public water supply, polychlorinated biphenyls, organic Mercury and others. Even exposure to radiation negatively affects sperm health and triggers birth defects.
  • Time of day: Sperm count is usually higher in the morning than that of any other time of the day.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, both excessive ejaculation and prolong abstinence are known to reduce the quantity and quality of sperm cells. A balanced and healthy diet is very helpful in improving your sperm count. Foods having high concentration of antioxidants are most helpful in this aspect. Even food supplements rich in folic acid, zinc sulphate and selenium can improve your sperm count.

If you’re indeed worried about your sperm count, please feel free to contact Private Gynaecologists in London. Medical science has improved a lot to resolve this issue easily. Instead of just worrying, be pro-active and book your appointment today.

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