A Guide to Women’s Health - from your London Gynaecology Clinic

A Guide to Women’s Health - from your London Gynaecology Clinic

Heard about a Well Woman Check?  Well here are some points that will give you an idea of what it is all about with five things every woman should know. 

1. Preventive health is key

Visiting the doctor only when there is something wrong just won’t cut it any more.  As you get older your body will change and you will face new health challenges. Visiting a private gynaecologist London for a well woman visit will put you in control of your health and help you understand your body.

2. The physical that is not really a physical

At an appointment with us, you will have the chance to say what’s on your mind.  Discuss the stress you cope with in your daily life, the diet you eat, what you drink, your mood fluctuations, the medication you are on, you sex life or anything that worries you in your family history, in fact absolutely anything you like. What matters to you matters to us. 

3. A good relationship with your walk in gynaecologist, London is vital 

These days it is a lot easier to be open and friendly with your private gynaecologist London. Gone are the days of stuffy professionals who talked down to you.  Your private gynaecologist should show a genuine interest in your health and never be judgemental. Trust in that relationship will make a satisfactory visit more likely and put you at ease for any more intimate examinations needed. So whether you want a walk in appointment or a longer association, you will find us friendly and helpful.

4. Once may not be enough

Although the well-woman check is thought of as a one off, annual visit, it won’t always stop there. If you have a history of breast cancer in the family, a mammogram might be recommended. Other examinations might also be advised. 

5.  What is covered at your well-woman visit is up to you

Any of the following can be covered, depending on your current health:

•    Counselling on contraceptive 
•    Screening for alcohol misuse 
•    Screening for blood pressure 
•    Screening for cholesterol 
•    Screening for depression 
•    Diet and nutrition and counselling 
•    Screening for HIV 
•    Immunizations and Vaccines 
•    Screening for STIs 

It is always reassuring to be checked over and to know that something that has worried us is nothing serious after all. On the other hand if there is something wrong the sooner it is identified the better. At Gynae Clinic, the gynaecologist could be the first step to giving you the peace of mind about your health that you want. Call us to make an appointment, our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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