Important Facts You Should Know About IUD Removal

Important Facts You Should Know About IUD Removal

The latest contraceptive devices - in form of IUDs - are exceptionally reliable in protecting you from an unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, they can only be effective for a certain period of time after which, they must be removed. They will not dissolve over time and will just remain in your uterus forever. Sometimes, they can even come out on their own.

A renowned gyanecologist in London, Dr Hikmat Naoum, who’s also associated with the renowned Gyane Clinic located on Harley Street in Marylebone, suggests that you should go for IUD removal surgery. Despite the fact that it is termed as a surgery, it involves nothing that you should be afraid of, assures Dr Naoum.

Here’re some facts that are relevant to the ongoing context:

  • IUD removal is easier than the insertion.
  • It is also much less painful.
  • The procedure takes less time too.

As a bottom-line, you should also remember that IUD removal must be done by a pair of trained hands. Do not try it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you under any circumstance. That way, you are more likely to do severe damage to yourself than anything else.

Once you have the device removed, you can get pregnant normally.

The IUD removal procedure

Medical experts in London performing IUD removal say it is better to remove the device any time during your menstrual cycle. This is because the cervix remains naturally soft during this phase of the month, which makes the overall procedure a little easier.

  • The trained expert performing the extraction may have to determine the position of your uterus. A speculum may be required to separate the vaginal walls.
  • The strings fixed to your IUD need to be located before the expert pulls on them using forceps.
  • As a result of the external force, the flexible arms of the IUD will automatically fold up and the contraceptive device will slide through the opening of your cervix.

This hardly takes more than a few minutes.

Possible complication

For the majority of women, IUD removal is an easy and routine procedure. Only in certain cases, the expert may not be able to find the IUD strings. This happens when the strings have slipped into your cervical canal. To avoid this complication, you should never request to leave the strings shortened during the insertion. Women, who request to cut short the length, want it this way because else the strings can be felt by their partners during sexual intercourse.

You can visit a Private Gynaecology Clinic in London for IUD removal and there are many such clinics in and around the iconic Harley Street. In case you’re not going to Harley Street, make sure that your chosen clinic has trained experts with an impressive track record in performing this service.

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