4 Methods to Predict the Gender of Baby

4 Methods to Predict the Gender of Baby

Are you pregnant and want to know the gender of your unborn child? Well, mothers find twenty weeks of time to be too long before the birth of their baby. Luckily, baby gender scan in London has made it so easy that you do not have to wait for long. Check out 4 methods as suggested by private gynaecologist in London that may tell you the gender of your unborn baby within six months after being conceived.

  1. Genital Tubercle Angle Theory – Research shows that the gender of your baby can be determined by ultrasound accurately within 12 weeks by using genital tubercle angle theory. Genital tubercle forms approximately week 4 of gestation that becomes either a clitoris or penis in due course. Though it is very early to know whether it is a boy or girl child within 12 weeks gestation, the gender can actually be determined depending on the angle of the nub.

    For predicting the sex of baby within 12-14 week ultrasound, you should have a profile view of the genital region. A horizontal line might be drawn at the lower part of the spine and another through genital tubercle. By considering the angle of intersection between these lines, you can understand if it a boy or a girl child.

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  2. Ramzi Method – The gender of your baby can be determined within six weeks of gestation by considering the position of the placenta. Almost 97.2% of male fetuses had a placenta at the right side of the uterus while 97.5% of female fetuses were attached at the left side.

    Thus, when you go for your first ultrasound and you just cannot wait to know the gender of your baby, ask the gynae expert in what side of your uterus the placenta had been attached.

  3. The Skull Theory – You can find out the gender of your baby with ultrasound by knowing their skull’s shape. Baby girls seem to have rounded forehead while baby boys look flat or slightly slope.

    If you have a clear shot of the skull and you want to know the gender of your baby, post ultrasound picture to any skull theory forums.

  4. DNA Testing – Different companies collect blood samples to evaluate fetal cells in the blood for checking if there is a Y-chromosome. They will inform you about the gender of your baby within the time period of one week. If Y-chromosome is detected, this means you will have a boy child. On the other hand, if there is an absence of Y-chromosome, this means you will give birth to a girl child. These tests are usually performed in 10 weeks and are generally correct.

It is advised that you do not give too much stress or worry whether any of these methods of predicting baby gender at Gynae Clinic or 20-week ultrasound are correct. Being a mother is one of the loveliest feelings every woman desires and having your little baby in your arms is the best thing that can happen to a mother.

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