3 Most Common Types of Vaginal Bumps You Should Know About

3 Most Common Types of Vaginal Bumps You Should Know About

Vaginal infections are very common, almost anywhere in the world. Most of these infections result from the good intention of shaving, waxing and cleansing the vaginal area to make it appear attractive. The chemicals present in the scented soaps, powders and other cleaning agents, that are applied for the purpose, do the harm. Thus, medical experts in London suggest to be cautious on using these cleaning products.

A renowned gynaecology expert discusses the most common symptoms, resulting from the cleansing chemicals, in the following paragraphs. This will help you identify your problem to a large extent.

  • Appearance of a small bump near the vaginal opening: This is a common medical condition and is called Bartholinitis. It arises when the glands, located on the both sides of the vaginal opening get chocked. As a result, the fluid that they mean to secrete, follows a reverse gear and flows back inside the gland. This causes the small bump, which is painful and tender. But this problem is actually harmless and it gets resolved by a warm compress. If you’re experiencing unbearable pain, accompanied with fever and difficulty in urinating, just see your gynae expert immediately. She may have to drain the cyst by applying anesthesia.
  • Pimples in the colour of the flesh: These flesh coloured pimples occur as a result of your blocked sweat ducts. This type of pimples not only appear on your vagina but also on the face, chest, belly-button and underarms. Our expert gynaecologist says, this type of outgrowths is called Syringoma. You should not try to remove or pop them with your hands. This may damage the surrounding skin. Make sure to change your clothes immediately after a workout to get rid of the problem. In extreme cases, you should consult your physician.
  • Hair that does not go away even after grooming: It is very common that how well you shave and wax your vaginal region, a hair or two never goes away. These hair bumps are nothing but the trimmed pubic hair that curls back under the surface of the skin and keeps growing. It may lead to mild inflammation or pus formation. However, this problem may also arise from using a host of commercially manufactured products. These include fragrant soaps, gels, bath salts, bubble bath liquids, fabric softeners, talcum powder, sanitary pads, perfumed lubricants, warming gels, nylon undergarments or bathing suits, feminine hygiene sprays, condoms and diaphragms.

It is important to note here, you don’t need to suspend your grooming routine, as a result of the problem discussed above. At our private clinic in London, gynaecologist suggest, whenever you use a razor, wax or laser to groom the pubic hair, ensure the affected skin area is properly cleaned, both before and after the procedure. This will help reducing the occurance of this problem to a large extent.

The ones discussed above are some of the most common type of symptoms that occur on the vaginal skin. There is a reliable cure center, named Gynae Clinic at Harley Street to treat all these ailments. In extreme cases, you can visit this place for fast recovery from these problems.

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