Determine the Sex of your Baby with Scan Test

Determine the Sex of your Baby with Scan Test

Parents are always eager to know the sex of their would-be-born baby. Through the reason for ultrasound is not to determine the gender of your kid, you can find it before the baby is born. You may visit womens clinic in London and consult with the gynaecologist to know the sex of your baby.

Is it possible to know the gender of your baby in the first trimester scan?

Your baby’s gender is usually determined at the time of conception. However, all babies seem to be same at the early development of embryos. It is quite improbable to know the sex of your baby at the first trimester scan.

Embrtos have small swelling which is called protuberance or genital nub. If you are giving birth to a baby boy, the testosterone will begin to produce once you are almost 7 weeks pregnant. This enables the bud to grow and ultimately develop into the scrotum and penis. However, for a girl child, genital nub becomes the labia and clitoris.

This process usually takes 11 weeks and then you can find out the difference in the gender of your baby. At this stage, boys seem to point on the upward direction at more than 30 degree angle from spine. For girl child, it is much more horizontal at less than 30 degrees angle.

Can you know your baby’s gender at the second trimester scan?

Yes, it is quite possible to find out the sex of your baby at the 20 week scan. It is important that the sonographer has a good view of the scan in this matter. The difference between boy child and girl child can be seen at this stage.

With the progress of pregnancy, the differentiation gets clear. There should be sufficient amniotic fluid around the baby so that it may not push the legs. Finally, a third trimester will certainly show the gender of the baby.

If the expert at a Gynae Clinic tells the sex beforehand and it turns out wrong ultimately, this may be quite distressing on the part of the mother. Unless it is very important to find out the gender of your baby, it is always good to wait till the 20 week scan. This will enable you to know the correct sex of your unborn baby.

How do you know the sex of your child by conducting a blood test?

Pregnant women who have higher risk of carrying a baby with genetical problems can conduct a blood test to know about the gender. With non-invasive prenatal testing, you can lessen the risks related to miscarriage by performing diagnostic tests like amniocentesis. These tests are accurate that helps women know their child’s gender.  Women who have a positive NIPT result will have to perform a diagnostic test in order to confirm their blood tests.

Finally, these tests will help you determine the sex of your baby. They include through study of the chromosones of your baby. For example, if you detect a Y chromosome, it is a boy child but if there isn’t Y chromosome, it will be a girl child. These tests are usually done from 10 weeks gestation and seem to almost cent accurate. 

You may be referred for NIPT only when there are increased chances of abnormalities in your child. This will help you know the sex of your baby if there is some risk of serious genetic issue. To know the details of all these things, make an appointment with a private gynaecology in London, who will help you perform scan tests to know the gender of your baby.

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