How to Maintain Your Weight During Pregnancy

How to Maintain Your Weight During Pregnancy

Are you worried because you may be overweight? Carrying those extra pounds, crossing the level of recommendation can be a likely cause of complications during pregnancy. However, following the instructions from your gynaecologist in London thoroughly, you can make sure your body is ready for this life changing journey.

Things You Need to Follow

  • Get Your First Ultrasound Done As Soon As Possible

    Once you get the happy news, the first thing you need to do is searching for gynecology services near you and consult with gynaecologist. The sooner the first ultrasound is done the better the due date results you will receive. It is so because; ovulation in overweight women is unpredictable. Moreover, doctors who prefer traditional aspects of hearing the heartbeat, uterus size, etc. find it difficult to get the readings due to the excessive fat in the abdomen.
  • Reach an Efficient Doctor and Team

    You may be one in a hundred to the doctor you visit but the baby inside is precious. So if you feel any sign of negligence at their end, there is no need to fix the next appointment. Consult other expecting mothers and people you trust, to find another good gynae centre. 

A keen gynecologist will pay heed to your weight and suggest measures, by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). Being overweight, you may possess the risk of gestational diabetes (GDM). In case the results come out positive the doctor will ask you to monitor your blood sugar level. For other cases, the medical expert may pay attention towards your blood pressure and protein content at the later stages of your pregnancy. 

  • The Way Weight Is Gained

    Your BMI is estimated by considering your body fat with respect to your height and weight. The BMI result is what will determine the weight you need to gain for a healthy and cheerful pregnancy. Staying within the limit will not only cut down the extents of issues but also make it easier for you to shed the extra weight post pregnancy. 

Do not worry when you gain less weight during pregnancy, as research conducted has shown that overweight women who obtained less weight than suggested, had no negative effect on fetal development.

What are the consequences?

  • The baby can be larger than normal
  • You may require a C-section delivery, which will make the surgery and recovery difficult
  •  Premature birth of your baby
  •  Unwanted complications of hypertension, GDM etc during your pregnancy
  • Tough for your practitioner to know the position and size of the baby

Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat lots of salad, fruits, vegetables, fiber rich food items etc. Some prenatal yoga and minimum tenure of walk will aid in boosting your body with energy, reduce back pain and prevent constipation.

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