Enjoy Sex with Your Partner during the Menstrual Period

Enjoy Sex with Your Partner during the Menstrual Period

Women will get a menstrual period once a month during their reproductive years. There is no need to stay away from enjoying sexual activities during the periods unless you feel discomfort or are not enjoying it at all. Though it is somewhat messy to have sex while you are having periods, it is indeed safe. So, having sex at the time of menstruation can provide several benefits including some relief from the menstrual cramps. Read on to know more about sex when you have your periods.


  • Some relief from menstrual cramps – There are some orgasms that may relieve menstrual cramps that occur due to uterus contracting to release the lining. If you are having an orgasm, then the muscles of your uterus also contract and they release afterwards. This will provide some kind of relief from period cramps.
  • Sex also prompts the release of chemicals known as endorphins that can make you feel good. Besides that, when you engage in different sexual activities, then this occupies your mind and helps you to get rid of menstrual discomfort.
  • Shorter periods – If you have sex with your partner, then this will make the periods shorter. This is because the contraction of muscles during an orgasm may push out the uterine contents much faster which can be the reason for shorter periods.
  • Increased sex drive – Your libido will changeduring the menstrual cyclethanks to hormonal fluctuations. Though many women have said their sex drive increases at the time of ovulation which is almost two weeks before the period, others have reported to feel more turned on during their period.
  • Natural lubrication – You may keep aside the KY during periods as blood acts in the form of natural lubricant.
  • Relieve your headache – Nearly half of the women who have migraine headaches usually get them at the time of menstrual cycle. Though most women with menstrual migraines prevent sex during their attacks, many of those who enjoy sex have said that it relieves their headaches, either partially or completely.

Possible side effects

The majordisadvantage to having sex on your period is the mess you create all around. The blood will get on you, your partner, and the bed sheets, especially at the time of heavy flow. Other than making the bed dirty, bleeding will make you moreself-conscious and anxiety can take away some or all of the fun you will have during sex.

Another downside about having sex during your period is the risk associated with spreading a sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as hepatitis or HIV. The viruses remain in the blood and may spread due to contact with an infected menstrual blood. It is advised to use condoms every time you enjoy sex with your partner as this will reduce the risk of catching or spreading an STI.

If you want to have sex during your period and you wear a tampon, then make sure that you remove it beforehand. If you forget to remove the tampon, then this may be pushed into the vagina at the time of sex. You will then have to visit a private gynaecologist in London here https://www.gynae-clinic.co.uk to get it removed.

Can you get pregnant?

If you are not planning to conceive right now, then using protection is certainly a good idea, despite whichever part of menstrual cycle you may be engaged in. Your chances of conceiving will be lower at the time of period,however it is still possible to get pregnant during this time.Since every woman’s menstrual cycle is different, your cycle length can change on a monthly basis. So, if you are having a shorter menstrual cycle, then your chances of getting pregnant at the time of periodwill be higher.

You need to consider that sperms may remain alive in the body for almost seven days. Thus, if you are having a 22-day cycle and you ovulate soon after your period, then there is a chance you will produce an egg while the sperm is still present in the reproductive tract.

Do you require using protection?

By using condoms, you can stay protected against sexually transmitted infections. Otherwise, you will catch an STI during your period and spread it to your partner at the time of intercourse as viruses such as HIV remain in the menstrual blood.

Ask your partner to wear a latex condom every time you enjoy sex to reduce the chances of getting an STI and conceiving. If you or your partner seems to be allergic to latex, then you may use other kinds of protection. Don’t feel ashamed to ask expert consultant gynaecologists for some recommendations to stay protected. 

Smart tips to enjoy sex during your period and feel comfortable

  • You should be honest with your partner and tell them about your feelings of having sex during period. Also ask how your partner feels about it. If either of you is hesitant, discuss the reasons behind the discomfort.
  • If you wear a tampon, make sure you get it removed before you begin fooling around.
  • Use a dark-colored towel on the bed for catching blood leaks. You can also enjoy sex with your partner in the shower to avoid the mess completely.
  • Take a washcloth or wet wipes by your bed to clean properly afterwards.
  • Have your partner to wear a latex condom and protect against STIs and pregnancy.
  • If your sex position is uncomfortable, you can try out something different. For example, you may want to lie on the side with your partner behind you.

Make sure you do not let your menstrual period put a halt to your sexual life. By doing some preparation beforehand, your sex life will be enjoyable as well as pleasurable during those five days just like the rest of the month.

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