3 Facts Why Women Should Take Creatine Supplement

3 Facts Why Women Should Take Creatine Supplement

Creatine is unquestionably the “numerouno” supplement to improve your performance in the gym. Extensive research proves that the substance is unbelievably effective in building muscle mass and provides strength, which in turn improves your workout performance in the gym. Moreover, many doctors are of the opinion that creatine provides a range of additional health benefits including protection against neurological conditions.

In fact, it is one of the most tested health supplements in the world and although some people blindly believe in its negative side-effects, nothing has been scientifically proved so far.

A large number of women in the UK are under the impression that creatine is strictly for males. Moreover, they also believe that the supplement will have a string of negative side-effects on them. Thus, many sports and fitness-freak women consciously avoid having creatine. Unfortunately, the media also seems to be careless in putting the facts straight. In this circumstance, experience Gynaecologist in London told that creatine is one the best and safest supplements out there.

It should be mentioned that Dr Naoum works as a consultant gynaecologist and is associated with the renowned private gynaecological care clinic in London named the Gynae Clinic located on Harley Street in Marylebone.

Myth 1: Creatine will bulk me up

You have probably heard this a bunch of times. Yes, initially creatine will add up a little weight on your physical profile but you can be rest assured that it won’t make you the Hulk. Gaining of sufficient mass from creatine is only possible when you add an all-inclusive diet and lift heavy weights religiously. 

Creatine will help you to:

  • Improve strength and enhance stamina.
  • Boost lean body mass.
  • Improve your physical workout performance.

Creatine offers these advantages to anyone irrespective of their gender.

Myth 2: Creatine will make me feel bloated all the time

Women have to deal with the combined problem of bloating and cramps at certain times of the month. Therefore, it’s absurd to make things further complicated with a health supplement.

But research shows that men who consume creatine retain more water and also bloat more compared to women. Water retention, bloating and the resultant weight gain because of including creatine in the diet for women occurs when the dosage is as high as 20 grams a day and is consumed for up to 5 to 7 days a week. When you stick to a lower dose, say 3 to 5 grams a day, it is very unlikely that you will experience any of the unwanted side-effects mentioned above.

Myth 3: Creatine is just not safe on the health aspect

It is important to remember that creatine is not an anabolic steroid. Thanks to the extensive research made on creatine, more data and clarity are available on the safety and effectiveness of this particular health supplement compared to that of popular women’s supplements like glutamine, CLA and carnitine. Clinically nothing has been so far unearthed to suggest it is harmful for your health. Thus, no sports-governing body has ever considered banning this product.

There is a lot of ignorance that is not backed up by any substantial evidence which states that creatine brings irreversible damage to your liver and kidney. Good news is that this is just an opinion and not a fact.

Creatine is free from any health hazard and as a matter of fact, the human body synthesises this substance on its own.

Rather, the right dose of the creatine supplement can do wonders for any woman says Dr Naoum - Consultant Gynaecologist at our well woman clinic in london.

How creatine proves helpful for women

Research confirms that creatine allows women to increase their strength and stamina without gaining weight. Our doctor at the private women's health clinic explains that when you start taking creatine as a supplement, your body gets more creatine phosphate to restock the ATP pool. When your body replenishes energy so easily like this, it is obvious that your internal energy-level goes up and you don’t fatigue as easily and can physically train at higher intensities.

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