What you should know about Fibrocystic Breast Disease

What you should know about Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Do you know what fibrocystic breast disease is? Well, it is a noncancerous condition when a woman suffers from painful lumps in the breasts. Nearly 50 percent of women develop this disease at some point in their life. Certain kinds of discharge, redness on the breasts, nipples flattening or indentations are signs of breast cancer.

Though fibrocystic change is not much harmful, it might be uncomfortable or annoying for some women. This condition will make breast cancer detection more challenging and tricky. Visit a reputed Gynae Clinic for well woman check and know if you are suffering from any serious disease.

Who suffer from fibrocystic breast disease

Any woman may suffer from the disease however, it is most common amongst 30 to 50 years of age group. There are birth control pills that can lessen the symptoms and hormone therapy might increase them. The symptoms will either improve or resolve immediately after the menopause.

About fibrocystic breast disease and cancer

Fibrocystic breast disease does not increase the risk of suffering from cancer, but changes in the breasts can make it difficult for you or your doctor to recognize the potentially cancerous lumps during breast examinations and mammograms. By undergoing well woman check up, you can prevent from getting cancer.

Causes of fibrocystic breast disease

The breast tissue will change depending on the hormones of the ovaries. If you are having fibrocystic breasts, you might have pronounced changes in response to the hormones. This may lead to tenderness, swelling or painful breast lumps. Symptoms are mostly found before or during the period. In addition to the lumps in the breasts caused due to swelling and cysts of breast lobules or milk-producing glands, you might feel lumpy thickening in the breasts caused due to excessive growth of fibrous tissue.

Symptoms of the disease

If you are suffering from fibrocystic breast disease, you may experience these symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • lumps in one or both the breasts
  • thickening of the tissue

You may have lumps or swelling in one of the breasts. Your symptoms will get worse before period due to some hormonal changes however, you might have symptoms throughout the month.

The lumps present in fibrocystic breasts seem to move and change in size throughout the month. However, if there are lots of fibrous tissues present, the lumps may get fixed at one place. You might even experience pain under the arms. Some women have dark brown or green discharge from the nipples. It is advised to see a doctor immediately if red, clear or bloody fluid comes out from the nipple, as this might be a sign of breast cancer.

When you need to call a doctor

If you suffer from any of the symptoms discussed below, there might be signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

  • new or strange lumps in the breasts
  • puckering or redness of skin on the breasts
  • discharge from the nipple, if it is red, clear or bloody
  • a flattening or an indentation of your nipple

Thus, you may visit here for well woman check and know the overall condition of your body.

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