Gynae Care Clinic Vs. Family Doctors : Which One to Choose for

Gynae Care Clinic Vs. Family Doctors : Which One to Choose for

The majority of women in London, in general, will go to general physicians to treat various female-related  medical conditions. They’ll only seek an appointment with a gynae when they’ve conceived. It is important to note here that, gynaecological issues are just there in plenty and the role of a gynaecologist is never limited to handling the cases of pregnancy and postpatrum health.

A family physician or a general practitioner may be able to treat your problems by juding the symptoms. But, there’s no guarantee that he or she’ll be able to reach at the core of the problem to provide you a comprehensive solution. A detailed clinical diagnosis, supported with extensive discussion and necessary pathological tests at any reliable gynae care clinic will, rather, make the accurate evaluation of your problem.

Here are some typical situations, when it is better for every girl or woman to book an appointment with a gynae expert.

  • Irregular menstrual cycles with irregular periods
  • Inter-menstrual bleeding or bleeding in between periods
  • Periods lasting beyond 7 days
  • Missed or delayed periods
  • Excessively heavy periods
  • Abnormalities in menstrual bleeding
  • Passing blood through urine
  • Itching in the vagina
  • Burning or a painful sensation while urinating
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Abnormal discharge from the breasts
  • Acute discomfort with the breasts
  • Detecing a lump or abnormal growth anywhere on the breast

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there can be other symptoms as well, for which you should book an appointment with a gynae clinic in London without much delay. These include experiencing lower abdonimal pain, acute menstrual cramps or sharp pain during sexual intercourse.

How gynae experts help

A gynaecologist, unlike a general physician, will learn about your detailed family history related to your problem. Then, he or she will subject you to a thorough physical examination. Lastly the expert will finely tailor your treatment strategy, combining both the pathological findings and your family medical history.

  • Pre-pregnancy counseling: In addition to that, they also provide pre-pregnancy counseling.  More than writing prescriptions, these experts provide hands-on help and guidance in such cases, to ensure smooth arrival of your baby along with sound health of both the mother and the new-born.
  • Guidance on vaccinations: Gynae experts also provide vaccination guidance, not only for the babaies but also pre and post-pregnancy vaccination for the mothers. These vaccinations prove helpful in the long run.
  • Family planning guidance: To prevent incidents of unwanted pregnancy or being conceived too early, most couples seek gynae experts’ consultations.

Finding a relaible gynae expert in this age of the Internet is not a difficult task. You can do some Google to locate a clinic nearby. However, it is important to check online ratings from patients before booking an appointment at these clinics.

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