kidney health screening

Health Screening to know if you have Kidney and Liver Disease

Are you highly exposed to poisonous or toxic substances? If yes, then this may affect your overall body in various ways. When different chemicals and unsafe substances get absorbed, they move to other parts of the body and affects specific organs. Your body consists of mechanisms in the kidneys and liver to get rid of such substances. The capacity to remove deadly substances may lessen the effect on the organs. You may visit a reputed women's health clinic in London to know if you are suffering from liver or kidney disease.

Knowing about kidney or liver disease

You need to perform a test that determines how well your kidney and liver are functioning. This enables you to detect if you are suffering from any serious disease. Though there are various reasons behind it, many substances that lead to chronic disease of kidney and liver can be quite difficult to detect in your body.

Various well woman checks can help find out abnormalities in your organ. Some blood tests conducted for kidney and liver will enable you to know if they are functioning properly.

About liver functioning test

The liver function tests are the amount of enzyme level present in your body. They are usually present in liver cells and some level of the enzymes is circulating into the bloodstream. These enzymes are produced in the bloodstream in excess quantity when the liver gets damaged. This results in increased levels in the bloodstream. Bilirubin, another substance to detect any liver disease, is produced by the breakdown of red blood cells. There is a bilirubin level maintained since the liver removes bilirubin continually from the bloodstream for processing. In case the liver is not paired, bilirubin is not removed and the level in the bloodstream increases.

About kidney functioning test

The kidney function tests do not calculate enzymes, however the breakdown products processes. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is produced due to the breakdown of protein. BUN is then formed in the liver and passed through the bloodstream to kidneys. Creatinine is a breakdown product of a particular kind of muscle protein. It is created in some muscles and carried by the bloodstream to be reduced for the kidneys. Now, if the kidneys get impaired and cannot eliminate normal amount of the substances, the BUN and blood level of creatinine will increase.

What to do if you need to perform these tests repeatedly

If the kidney or liver test is evelated, you need to determine the main cause behind it. You need to know that the kidney or liver tests are acting as an indicator for irregular functioning of the organs.

Several diseases may be the reason for elevation of the tests. Some common causes include – hepatitis or inflammation of liver from transmittable agents like alcohol or viruses. Causes for kidney damage include high pressure and diabetes. Organic chemicals like carbon tetrachloride may lead to kidney and liver disease.

So best way to consult with gynaecologist if you are suffering from any disease related to your kidney or liver. This will enable you to lead a better life. For more details please visit your nearest Gynae Clinic in London.

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