How to Lower High Blood Pressure through Natural Methods

How to Lower High Blood Pressure through Natural Methods

High BP (blood pressure) is a condition that occurs when blood flowing through the arteries and veins is higher than normal. It is also termed as hypertension and is a common medical condition the world over. This condition can be kept in controlled by taking medications regularly and is not considered deadly. However, if proper care and medicines are not taken daily then it might result in something serious and even turn to be life-threatening.

There are 2 types of pressure, systolic and diastolic. When the heart beats at the same time when pumping blood is known as systolic pressure and when it rests between beats is diastolic pressure. The ranges of the pressure are:

Normal: 120/80

Pre-hypertension: 120-139/80-89

Stage 1 high BP: 140-159/90-99

Stage 2 high BP: above 160/ above 100

The first thing that a doctor in our well woman clinic or any other medical facility does is check the blood pressure.

Signs of high blood pressure

  • Headache

  • Tinnitus

  • Dizziness

  • Pain in the chest

  • Irregular or rapid heartbeat

  • Shortness of breath

Risks of high blood pressure

  • Stroke

  • Aneurism

  • Heat failure

  • Memory problems

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Eye problems

Foods to treat high blood pressure

  • Fiber: Beans, vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and can help in lowering the blood pressure.

  • White tea: It reduces the chances of stroke and lowers blood pressure and improves the condition of arteries.

  • Omega-3: Flax seeds, salmon and chia seeds can help in reducing inflammation.

  • Potassium: It diminishes the negative impacts of sodium in the body and in turn reduced high BP.

  • Apple cider vinegar: It is rich in potassium and thus helps in keeping the alkalines levels of the body stable.

  • Dark chocolate: It is healthy for the body if consumed in a fixed proportion. Eating 200 milligrams of this product can reduce tension and blood pressure.

If you are suffering from high BP then ask your doctor during well woman checks to prepare a personalised diet chart for you.

Lower your blood pressure naturally

  1. Exercise regularly: A brisk walk or cycling for 30 minutes daily is enough to keep your heart and body healthy.

  2. Meditation and yoga: It helps in reducing tension and in turn, reduces blood pressure.

  3. Potassium consumption: Eat food items like bananas, beans, peas, tomatoes, sweet potato and more that are rich in potassium.

  4. Lower the intake of sodium: Too much salt in your food might cause high BP, therefore make sure to avoid the intake of sodium.

  5. Consume soy: It is not only dietary but also reduces hypertension.

  6. Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee enhances stress levels of the body and constricts blood vessels, so try to eliminate caffeine or have decaffeinated coffee.

  7. Eat dark chocolate: A research has shown that patients who consume 200 milligrams of dark chocolate per day have improved the condition of blood vessels.

  8. Relax your mind: Listen to soothing music for 30 minutes every day it will help in reducing the systolic pressure effectively.

  9. Hibiscus tea: Drink 3 cups of this tea regularly to minimise your blood pressure.

  10. Try not to overload with work: Working more than 40 hours a day increases the chance of hypertension.

Make an appointment with our doctors or elsewhere to have your blood pressure checked, in case you think or are suffering from this medical condition. So it is important to do a well woman health check up to know about your health rather than developing any serious condition in future.

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