Importance of a Gynecologist in Taking Care of Women’s Health

Importance of a Gynecologist in Taking Care of Women’s Health

Gynecologists take special care of the health and diseases related to female reproductive system. Many doctors are obstetricians who work together with women to help them during pregnancies so that they remain healthy and deliver physically fit babies. You may visit well woman clinic in London where the experts pay attention in looking after women related issues.

It is important for every woman to visit a gynecologist for maintaining good health condition. Starting from the adolescence period when reproductive organs develop, women should see a gynecological expert regularly. Women should go for through examination when they reach the age between 13 and 15 or when they are sexually active. Physicians can help you understand the functions of your body and answer any question related to menstruation. Experts at Gynae Centre in London even advise old women about menopause and the treatment related to hormone replacement.

The role of private gynecologist

Your private gynecologist in London will perform breast and pelvic examination at the time of well woman checkup. Pelvic examination enables cervix examination and Pap smear will allow assessing a few cells with microscope to detect any cancerous cells. Women need to undergo pelvic examination once in a year to know if they have Pap smear. Gynecologist can assess several disorders of your reproductive system by conducting thorough examination.

The examination of a doctor can help you detect any abnormalities with your breast at an early stage. Mammorgram will help imagine breast tissues in case of cancerous symptoms. Digitalised software is being used for computerized mammography that helps get rid of some mistakes in the reading. However, there has been some disagreement about how mammograms should perform. When women reach 40, they should be screened in every 1 to 3 years if the results are constantly negative. If they have any suspicious area of concern, breast ultrasounds should be the next step and if needed breast biopsies.

What happens when woman get pregnant

When any women become pregnant, amniocentesis and ultrasound help them detect any kind of abnormalities of the fetus. Another test conducted is known as chorionic villus sampling. Tiny vascular fibrils which form placenta are usually checked by laparoscopy. This offers a complete assessment of the fetus.

Many of these tests can be conduct at your gynecologist’s chamber and others in the hospital.

It is extremely important to detect if you are suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In case there is abnormal vaginal discharge or lesion, it needs to be evaluated. Your gynecologist can decide if a discharge or sore is anything related to STDs.

Common health related problems

Other common health problems of women are cancer, fibroid tumors and endometriosis. These need to be evaluated by a gynecologist for proper medication and surgery and then referred to an oncologist to avail further treatment. Contraception is an important part of the treatment procedure and various methods of contraception can be prescribed by the experts.

When women reach the stage of menopause, they might experience emotional and physical symptoms in life. A physician can assess the hormone levels of blood and then prescribe hormone replacement treatment in order to counteract these symptoms.

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