4 Important Well Woman Health Check Tests You Should Take

4 Important Well Woman Health Check Tests You Should Take

There are many health issues common in both men and women. Apart from those, women have their own health problems that deserve special consideration and treatment. Lives of women all over the world have changed drastically over the centuries. If you look back to history, you’ll see their life was quite difficult as compared to men. They had to cope with many specific diseases in one hand, while on the other became wives and mothers at a very young and tender age. Most of them had to undergo multiple pregnancies, while child birth itself was very risky and often resulted in the death of the mother.

Thankfully, those days are gone and the average life of women in Europe has increased sufficiently and now they’re entitled to a much better quality of life. This is an undeniably achievement, for which women have had to take charge of their own bodies, maximise their individual health and undergo well women health check on regular basis.

These routine health checks include some precautionary screenings, which include the following:

Test name : Colorectal cancer screening or colonoscopy

Who it is for : Ideal for people aged between 50 and 75

How often : Once in every 10 years, provided everything is normal

The reason to take this test: Colonoscopy is a very unpleasant medical test, yet it is the best way to identify the cases of colon cancer, polyps or precancerous lesions at the early stages. It should be remembered that colon cancer is the most life-threatening disease for women after breast and lung cancer.

Test name : Cervical cancer screening

Who it is for : According to the experts at Womens Clinic in London, it is best for women aged between 21 and 65

How often : At a gap of every 3 or 5 years and get the Pap and the HPV swab tests together every time

The reason to take this test: Women undergoing this health screening procedure don’t need to take the physical pelvic exam. The test helps detecting cervical cancer at the early stages.

Test name : Breast cancer screening or mammogram

Who it is for : Women between 50 and 75

How often : Every alternative year, if you’re on standard risk. If you’ve a family history of breast cancer, get it done more frequently as advised by your doctor.

The reason to take this test: Medical experts associated with the well women's health clinic say, this test is the most dependable tool available today in detecting breast cancer. Early detection of the disease can result in complete cure and recovery from the gruesome disease.

Test name : Osteoporosis screening or bone density test

Who it is for : Women above 64 years

How often : Women not in the high risk zone can get it once every 10 years. But for the others, who have family history of low bone density, should take it more often, as suggested by doctor.

The reason to take this test : It helps detecting any dive in the bone mass, which is linked to declining mobility.

Your health is your own responsibility and stay fit and strong for long, make sure to locate a well woman clinic nearest your home.

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