Improving your Sexual Life for Women over 50

Improving your Sexual Life for Women over 50

Do you find sex boring and tiresome? If yes, then your age can be a factor that insists you feel sex as a painful and worse activity. Women above 50 may not enjoy having sexual intercourse with their partner anymore. As women grow old, there are several barriers to sex that includes – constriction and dryness of the vagina, other medical conditions like diabetes or excess weight due to menopause. For this situation, visit your nearest private gynaecology clinic in London or make an appointment with a gynaecologist to know about your overall condition. This blog discusses 7 tips to enjoy active sexual life and overcome barriers even in your 50s.

  • Keep the practice – Sexual activity is somewhat related to staying physically fit and strong. If you want to keep your body in proper shape, it is important to maintain the perfect weight. The vagina may grow narrow when you are not physically active. One of the things that can be done is to enjoy intercourse and enable the vagina to function properly.

  • Moisturize and lubricate – Women above 50 can use a lubricant to make intercourse more pleasurable and enjoyable. You can also add moisturizer for great sexual activity. There is a difference in how you use the two products. While lubricants are only used during sexual intercourse, a moisturizer is applied to the vagina to make the skin and body smooth. If you have dry skin, try using it on a regular basis. Some moisturizers can be used for both the purpose which will be written on the package. Find a reputed clinic to undergo a sexual health tests and overcome any complications.

  • Do not feel shy – You need to ask yourself if you are doing certain things in your life or your relationship that is stopping you from enjoying sex with your partner. Some women may not feel comfortable to talk to their healthcare provider about sexual activity. Well, you are not alone who is facing such problems. Talk to your gynae expert who can suggest proper medication that includes – vaginal estrogen with low dosage for postmenopausal women in case moisturizers and lubricants are not effective. If the estrogen does not work, consult with your expert to seek a reason for discomfort and pain.

  • Therapy can be of great help – Your lack of desire and longing is often related to problems in the relationship. If there are quarrels or misunderstandings between the couple, it will affect women more than men. Talk to your private gynecologist who can help both you and your partner to get a suitable solution for your situation.

  • Talk to make sexual life better – It is important to talk about your sex life to your partner. This is quite similar to how you discuss other challenges faced in the relationship. Try to express your feelings in certain situations than making allegations. Select the right place and time and talk about your objective to make sex life more enjoyable for both of you.

  • Go for a walk together regularly – As you become old, you start gaining weight which might make you tough to look attractive. It is not that easy for people to lose their weight in the mid-age. Focusing on physical activities can help a lot in losing weight and getting the ideal body shape even when you age. You may visit a sexual health test centre to know about your ideal body weight for a better sex life.

Different medical conditions can restrict your sexual activities. You can try out different sex positions in order to make intercourse more enjoyable or try out alternatives like massage, sex toys and various kinds of lubricants. Look for something that both of you can accept as funny and interesting to make sexual life more pleasurable.

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