Modern Contraceptive Devices that are Reliable and Safe

Modern Contraceptive Devices that are Reliable and Safe

Birth-control measures have become unbelievably advanced and effective over the years. Thus, both young and not-so-young people, who want to avoid pregnancy can enjoy their sex life more actively. But a renowned gynecologist in London has some words of caution.

Read on to know what one of the best gynecologists in London has got to say.

Young people, who are unmarried yet are more likely to have more sex partners and thus, they’ve greater risks of developing STDs (STD – sexually transmitted disease). Book an appointment with a consultant gynaecologists at leading London hospitals or counseling with a medical expert is their best bet to reduce the risk.

On the other hand, the choice of a particular contraceptive requires extensive thought and consideration.

Reversible contraceptives: Implants and IUDs

Copper-bearing IUDs, implants and LNG-IUDs are excellent choice for young women because of the following reasons:

  • These are very effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancy (Less than 1% chance of failure)
  • The contraceptives are long-lasting
  • These are easily reversible; once you remove it you can get pregnant again
  • There’s no need to plan in advance to have sex; once it is put in place, it’s there to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy
  • No one will know that you’re using contraceptive

Injectable contraceptives

  • The experienced gynecologist at Harley Street in London suggests you to consider injectable contraceptives too.
  • It can be applied without anyone knowing that you’re using a contraceptive

Oral contraceptives

  • Some women find it reallly difficult to take a pill every day a little difficult

Emergency contraceptive pills of ECPs

  • Control over having sex and using contraception are both crucial for women in avoiding unwanted pregnancy.
  • ECPs prove very helpful for most women to stay away from being conceived in the long-run.
  • This birth-control alternative can be used many times between your monthly bleeding.
  • It is important to have ECPs in advance and this alternative will save you from getting pregnant from unprotected sex, any accidental mistake while using contraception or even in cases of sex against your will.

Sterilisation and vasectomy

As compared to the modern contraceptive measures, sterilisation and vasectomy are much conventional. You should approach these alternatives with great caution. Unlike as in the implants and IUDs, you can’t reverse this method at any point of time. So, you may have to regret in future for having selected this particular contraceptive method.

Male and female condoms

Condoms not only help you avoid unwanted pregnancy but also save you from STDs. These are readily available at supermarkets, drugstores and other convenient places. As contraceptives, condoms  are reasonably priced and a great safety tool for occassional sex.

These modern contraceptive devices prove very effective to keep you safe from unwanted pregnancy, while they also allow you to enjoy a very active sex life.

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