Perform Private Health Check from the Gynaecologists

Perform Private Health Check from the Gynaecologists

It is important for women to see their family physician for the routine gynaecological examination of their health. There are actually various things on the list that you would rather like to do than get a pap smear done. Though your private health check may not be of higher priority on the list for your preferred things to do, it is definitely at the top of the list for protecting the overall condition of your health.

If you perform a well woman exam every year, there might be several serious diseases found at the early stages. This is mainly because many diseases and illnesses do not show signs and symptoms until they become advanced. By detecting them at an early stage before the symptoms may appear, you can get the treatment done easily. Preventative care is the major key to your healthy and long life.

Check out a few things that can be detected when performing a full private health check.

  • HPVThe human papillomavirus or HPV is amongst the common sexually transmitted diseases in today’s world. Different kinds of HPV are there that range in their effects. As many people do not show the symptoms, you will not know if they are suffering from it. You may talk to your doctor who will check for HPV as some strains of the virus may get transmitted during sexual intercourse. This will significantly increase the chance of developing cervical cancer which develops due to HPV infection.
  • Cervical cancerIt can be quite difficult to detect cervical cancer at an early stage without a pap smear. Just like other cancers that are life-threatening, the signs of discharge and heavy bleeding might take some time to be visible. If you have cervical cancer, it is advised to visit your doctor immediately and get the annual pap smear performed. The result of an unusual pap smear might mean various things and so, you should not panic if the doctor shows abnormal results.
  • Breast cancerNowadays, breast cancer is becoming the major cause of death in women. However, if you perform routine tests and detect it early, your chances of treating it successfully are high than catching it at an advanced stage. Your doctor will also check for the lumps and other cues that he finds incorrect. You may even discuss different ways to check it yourself all through the year and stay away from all symptoms of breast cancer.

Your annual well-woman exam is a complete examination of your health condition. Gynaecological check by a Gynecologist might ask several questions as an important part of your health history to get clues before performing the treatment. You will undergo a physical exam to detect your condition. A breast exam and pelvic exam will be delivered that includes a pap smear according to your age.

If you have not performed your examination, visit Gynae Clinic for private well woman check with your gynae experts and know if you have any serious illness. This will save your life from different diseases and enjoy peace of mind.

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