Preconception Check up for Women to Ensure Safe Pregnancy

Preconception Check up for Women to Ensure Safe Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a totally different call of life. It not only provides couples to be more responsible but also an excellent opportunity to further grow their family and bond. Medical experts in London emphasise upon preconception check-up for to-be mothers to ensure they are medically prepared for pregnancy. This is the latest approach to ensure hassle-free birth of your healthy child.

Have the check-up at any time

You can undergo this check-up any time, even a year before your pregnancy is confirmed. Chronic medical conditions like blood sugar and high blood pressure affect both fertility and pregnancy of a woman. A Gynaecologist points out, the problem is made even more complicated by issues like mental depression and not having an ideal body weight for pregnancy. Even drug abuse and relying heavily upon prescription medication contribute to the difficulty of the situation. Thus, gynae experts need to guide the lifestyle of would-be mothers to a great extent.

Considering all these factors, a preconception check-up is suggested even for women, who are on their second or third pregnancy. These check-ups not only assess the present condition of your health but also help avoiding any complication that you may have suffered from in your last pregnancy. In fact gynae experts categorically refer to this test in the following cases:

  • Premature birth – The baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy.
  • Baby born with birth defects – According to experts providing private gynaecology services, these are health conditions that a baby is born with. These problems are known to lead to major complications in course of time.
  • Miscarriage – The baby dies in the womb before completion of the 20th week of pregnancy.

All these unfortunate turn of events can be avoided to a significant extent by going for preconception check-up. This special gynaecological assessment can be provided by the following experts:

  • An obstetrician
  • A family physician
  • A Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist or MFM
  • A family nurse practitioner or FNP
  • A women’s health nurse practitioner or WHNP and
  • A midwife

A brief overview

Here is a brief overview of such check-ups performed at a renowned gynaecology clinic in London:

  • The clinical procedure checks a lot of your health factors, including STD infections and psychological depression.
  • The healthcare specialist will check the Folic acid level in your body. Considerable amount of this acid can protect both you and your baby from many complications.
  • The procedure also covers the prescription medications that you take regularly.
  • It goes through the entire history of contraceptives you used for birth control.

In addition to factors mentioned above, preconception test also covers a number of other important aspects related to a healthy mother and a healthy child. To ensure smooth and successful termination of your pregnancy along with the birth of a healthy child by a healthy mother, do not avoid this test at any cost.

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