Preconception Test at Gynae Clinic for You

Preconception Test at Gynae Clinic for You

These days, preconception checkups are getting increasingly popular in the world of gynaecology. This isn’t only because gynaecologists are prescribing it to their patients. Rather, an increasing number of women, from different age groups are undergoing this special checkup on their own before getting pregnant.

Yes, before being pregnant.

This private well woman health check up helps ascertaining how healthy you’ll be once you’re pregnant.

Why should I undergo this test?

During your preconception checkup, your gynae specialist will try to find out health conditions that may affect your pregnancy, as well as your baby’s health. This test is even more vital for women, who have had a premature baby or have given birth to children with birth defects. Women, who have suffered from miscarriage or stillborn babies should also take this test. In fact, doctors suggest this special health checkup even for women, who have already given birth to healthy and normal babies.

Can I have more information on this checkup?

This modern gynae test helps doctors to be certain that your body is ready for safe and healthy pregnancy. It is best to ask your gynae expert to conduct this test on you. You can get this checkup done any time you want. Experts providing well woman check at a Harley Street clinic come across women, who undergo this test even up to a year before getting pregnant.

There’re certain chronic medical conditions that can affect both your fertility and pregnancy. These include:

  • Blood sugar
  • Mental depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Underweight

On the other hand, certain lifestyle factors like smoking, abudsing prescription medicines and drug addiction can also affect your ability to get pregnant and pregnancy itself. Preconception test is helpful to overcome all these roadblocks and give birth to healthy babies.

What can I expect during this checkup?

The expert conducting the test on you will discuss and check certain health-related factors in your body. These include:

  • Folic acid to save your baby from various birth defects (like those in the brain, mouth and the spine)
  • You’ll also be diagnosed for infectious diseases like toxoplasmosis and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • She’ll ask you about your family’s health history in details. (Even that of your spouse’s family history on health won’t be spared either.)
  • Depending on these findings, you may be referred to a genetic counselor to avoid any risk or complexity involving your pregnancy or the health of your baby.
  • You’ll be asked to reveal the names of both the prescription medicines and over-the-counter drugs that you take. Even if you take any herbal product or medicine, you’ve to furnish detailed information on it.
  • German measles and chicken pox are harmful for every pregnant woman. Keeping this in the mind, the expert providing the well woman health check, will also ask you about the vaccinations that you’ve already undergone. She may even suggest you to get a few more vaccinations done to ensure sound health for both you and your baby.

Hope this brief discussion helps you getting clear-cut idea about the preconception test.

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