Private Gynaecologist Guide to Hysteroscopy

Private Gynaecologist Guide to Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your medical professional to look inside your uterus so that diagnose and treat causes of unnatural bleeding. At our gynae health clinic we are often asked about hysteroscopy. The procedure is performed by inserting a small tube like a telescope into the uterus (womb) to discover what it going on or to perform small procedures in the womb (operative hysteroscopy). The tube will be passed into your womb through your vagina and cervix.

Some of the conditions that may require a hysteroscopy procedure are:

Hysteroscopy can also be used for:

• Removal of polyps – (small lumps of excess tissue that grow in the lining of the womb)
• Hysteroscopy biopsy
• Removing scar tissue from inside the uterus
• For endometrial ablation - a procedure that makes the womb lining thinner to help deal with heavy periods
• Removal of adhesions - areas where the uterus walls are stuck together
• Removal of fibroids
• To find a lost or stuck contraceptive like an IUCD (Coil)
• To perform some sterilisation procedures.

What will be the hysteroscopy recovery time?

According to the consultant gynaecologist in London if your hysteroscopy was done under a general anaesthetic then you will need time for the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off. You will have to rest and then get someone else to drive your home.  If the procedure is done under a local anaesthetic after a short rest, you should be able to go home and feel well enough to walk or to travel by bus or by train - or even to drive yourself home as long as you have not had a sedative.

Will there be any side effects of hysterectomy?

There may be some period type cramps and also mild bleeding. The bleeding should be slight and also should settle down within seven days. For any bleeding and to avoid infection use sanitary towels rather than using tampons. Rest for the first couple of days and take painkillers if you need them.  These are the most common side effects but very rarely a small hole might be made in the womb by the hysterscope.  In this case it will be necessary for you to stay overnight in hospital.  Another possibility, although a rare one, is the development of an infection of the uterus.

If you have any of the following problems you should get in touch with your doctor right away:

  • You have a temperature
  • Increasing unexplained pain - not responding to painkillers
  • Increasing discharge, that is unpleasant and smelly
  • Any heavy bleeding

If you think you might need a hysteroscopy or are worried about any of the symptoms above then visit well woman clinic in London and consult with gynaecologist about hysteroscopy surgery or procedure.

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