Tips to Prepare for Your First Checkup at the Gynae Clinic

Tips to Prepare for Your First Checkup at the Gynae Clinic

The ideal time to start going for routine gynaecological exams for any girl is between 13 and 15 years. Some people start going only after their sexual life becomes active. Others wait even longer until a problem or a symptom pops up. It is always better to go for routine checkups, rather than waiting for a problem to crop up. Before your first appointment at Gynae Clinic for well woman check, make sure that you do enough research to know what to expect during the checkup. 

  1. Prepare yourself to understand some uncomfortable questions: On your first appointment with a gynecologist, you will have to answer a lot of questions regarding your health and personal life. The expert has to know about your sexual activity along with a detailed medical history of your family. Answering these questions to a stranger can certainly be uncomfortable, but make sure that you give an honest reply to every question. Your honesty will allow the expert to provide the right solutions, which will prove beneficial for you in the long run.

  1. Do not schedule an appointment during periods: It is better to go for a routine gynae checkup either before or after your period. Otherwise, your menstrual bleeding may interfere with the tests, preventing the expert from making the right assessment.

  1. Do not use any strong soap or medicated product 24 hours before a checkup schedule: Many people use vaginal creams and other medical products. An expert gynecologist in London, suggests avoiding such products at least 24 hours before a checkup schedule, as the commercially manufactured products may mask your vaginal condition, thus leading to incorrect clinical assessment. For the same reason, it is also suggested to avoid using any strong soap.

  1. Prepare the list of your questions: When you plan to make an appointment with gynaecologist for private consultation about gynaecological problem and conditions, prepare a list of questions to ask during the checkup. This will clear all their doubts and confusion. Any efficient gynaecologist with sound skills and expertise will welcome such an approach from patients.

  1. Prepare your mind to get undressed: During the checkup, you will have to get undressed and it is better to wear clothes that can be removed easily. A hospital gown will be provided and you will have to lie down on the bed wearing it. If you are uncomfortable with all these, a friend or a family member can be present there by your side inside the examination room.

  1. You will be subjected to a touch-based breast exam: The gynecologist will use his or her hands to palpate your breasts, one at a time, to identify any lump or any other irregularity. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to do it yourself. If you think you will feel uncomfortable or embarrassed with a male doctor it is better to search for a female gynecologist clinic near you.

The tips provided above will help you be at more ease during the examination and communicate your problems with the expert better.

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