Visiting a Gynaecologist in Harley Street

Visiting a Gynaecologist in Harley Street

When you think about having a baby you will also want to be sure that you give your baby the best of starts in life.  That is why it is a great idea to make sure that your own health is all it should be before you conceive. Putting in the time to visit a Gynae Clinic before you embark on a pregnancy is a great idea.
Getting a gynaecologist in London to check your medical history and do a physical examination up to even a year before you start trying for a baby will make sure that when you do conceive you are physically and also emotionally ready for a baby. Your professional will also have an important baseline to refer to when you are pregnant.

Taking your medical history

The first thing your gynaecologist will do is question you about your health and also your lifestyle. They will then check for any current or past conditions that might affect you actually getting pregnant or might affect yours and your baby’s health during the pregnancy.

What will Your Gynaecologist want to know before you get pregnant

Gynaecological history

You will be asked about your periods, and if you don’t already keep a calendar of your menstruation you will be asked to do so as you prepare to get pregnant.  You will also be asked what kind of birth control you have been using.

Next you’ll be asked about your cervical smears and asked whether you have ever been diagnosed with an STI.  The reason for that is that many STIs can be "silent" in their effect, meaning they don't give any symptoms – but problems in pregnancy or fertility problems can arise even after an STD, - this is especially true in the case of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Your Obstetric history

Your practitioner will want to know if you have been pregnant before and that will include abortions and ectopic pregnancies.  This is important as a previous ectopic pregnancy might compromise your fertility. Also an early untrasound is often advised if there has been an ectopic pregnancy while recurrent miscarriages may mean that chromosomal testing should be done to check for certain health problems.

Any previous pregnancy complications will also be looked at as well as any complications after you gave birth previously, including if you had the ‘baby blues’ after any of your pregnancies.

Finally, the health of any baby after it was born will be talked about. Defects like spina bifida maybe addressed by taking a higher folic acid daily dose before and during your next pregnancy to reduce the risk of a baby with the same complaint.

Visiting a gynaecologist clinic before you get pregnant could be the best thing you have ever done, for you and your baby. Our Gynaecologist clinic in London will be delighted to help you prepare for pregnancy and will be with you every step of the way until the day that your new baby is born.

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