3 Vital Well Woman Tests You Just Can’t Ignore

3 Vital Well Woman Tests You Just Can’t Ignore

These days, healthcare facilities are literally sprouting everywhere. Instead of improving the health quotient, this development is taking a toll on the general public  on the health ground. Conflicting and controversial guidelines related to health are coming out from these healthcare centres. To resolve this confusion, atleast to some extent, let’s discuss in the following paragraphs the vital medical screening test that every woman needs to take.

Cervical cancer screening

It is the pap test to detect the human pappilomavirus. The test is ideal for every woman within the age group of 21 and 65. Younger women can go for it once in every 3 years. However, if you’re between 30 and 65, get this well woman test done once in every 5 years. As far as the technical aspect is concerned, screening for cervical cancer includes both – a pap and an HPV swab. Women, who undergo this comprehensive cancer screening program don’t need to have the physical pelvic exam done.

Detection for colorectal cancer

It is the other name for good old colonoscopy and it’s suitable for women between 50 and 75. If you’re above this age group, consult your doctor if you still need to go for this screening. You can undergo this diagnosis once every 10 years, provided the things are normal. This test is certainly pretty inconvenient for just anyone, yet it’s the best way to trace colon cancer or precancerous lesions or even polyps in their early stages. If there’s a history of colorectal cancer in your family, you should start taking this test much earlier and also at a higher frequency than the usual once in a decade.

Breast cancer detection

In the  medical jargon, this test is also called a mammogram. It is ideal for every woman at or above the age of 40. Only your regular physician has the authority to decide when you should stop the routine screening. You need to get this done once every alternate year. However, if you’ve a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you’ll be asked to get this done more frequently. Early detection of breast cancer is necessary to stop spreading of the disease to the other parts of the body. It is also important to mention a thing more. Mammograms don’t give the correct reports every time. Yet it is the best tool that the ongoing version of technology offers. Thus, there’s no way avoiding the breast cancer detection test through mammogram.

Well woman tests are steadily getting popular. To put it in very simple words, a well woman examination is a medical examination done on women to make a thorough review of their reproductive health. Usually, it is recommended once a year. The examination covers their breast checkups, pelvic examination and pap smear, although there can be other elements included in it.

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