6 Factors You Should Know Before Going for Well Woman Check ups

6 Factors You Should Know Before Going for Well Woman Check ups

What is a “well-woman visit”? This terminology is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. There are common misconceptions even amongst middle aged woman about what a visit entails. Most assume that involves the doctor making a rather invasive check-up of your vagina. Unfortunately, this description is much distorted from the reality and we would like to clear up this misconception here. 

For example, the ‘poking around’ in well woman checkup for women, is never a must for everyone on a yearly basis. All woman in the age group of 25 to 30 requires a Pap test in every three years and that is enough in most cases. As such, most women neither requires to undergo this test under the supervision of a gynaecologist, a general practitioner (GP) or a nurse practitioner can easily handle the test for those cases. 

Apart from this, there’re six basics involved in well woman check up, which include the following: 

  • It’s more about preventive health than anything else: Visiting the doctor only when you’ve been taken terribly ill sounds so much like the past millennium. These days, preventive healthcare is more relevant than anything else. As days pass by, you grow older and your body undergoes certain undeniable changes. A well-woman visit helps you understand your individual health risks and how best you can avoid them.
  • It is not all about physical health checkup: If you think well-woman checkup is all about your comprehensive physical health scrutiny, you’re mistaken. It is also about your mental health and wellness. You can bring up anything and everything that you are worried about that may be affecting you mentally. Discuss your mental stress level, sex life, diet and nutrition, family health history, mood swings, medication and just any other topic.
  • Boosting your relationship between you and your doctor: These days, healthcare is changing its approach as compared to the past. The aim is to bolster a solid relationship and transparency between healthcare provider and patients. While undergoing a well-woman test, you can expect your expert to take a genuine interest in your health without making judgements. This will help you build trust in her and you won’t feel so awkward, in case you’ve take a pelvic exam under her.
  • Not exactly an annual visit every time: Usually, it is said that a well woman checkup involves one, annual visit to the clinic. But it is not so in every case. The basic objective is to provide you with a comprehensive, preventive healthcare. Thus, if you’ve a history of breast cancer in your family, you may be prescribed a mammogram. For this you may be scheduled various appointments at different places and time. However, the locations should be covered by your health insurance.
  • Well-woman checkups are cost-effective: Well woman checkups is never a money-oriented approach. It provides a number of preventive health service free. Moreover, there’s no need to touch your wallet to undergo this checkup if you have a health insurance and your provider is covered under it. In this context, it is relevant to state that the Affordable Care Act ensures, preventive health services are covered by insurance and patients don’t need to take a dip in their wallets. Just make sure, you’re coming for a well-woman visit while booking the appointment.
  • The topics covered under this preventive checkup are not limited: It is important for you to know, there’s no limitation to the topics that you can bring up for discussion with your provider during these special preventive health checkpups. The topics that you can include for discussion, depending on your present health condition of course, are alcohol misuse screening, contraceptive counselling, depression handling, blood pressure screening, HIV screening, STI screening, diet and nutrition counselling, vaccines and immunisation.

Check out www.gynae-clinic.co.uk for a full list of well woman services that are covered under the well woman section.

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