A Brief Idea About Well-Woman Checkups Under Top Gynaecologists

A Brief Idea About Well-Woman Checkups Under Top Gynaecologists

The term ‘well-woman visit’ is steadily gaining popularity in London. An increasing number of women – from every possible age group – are routinely attending well-woman visits to see their gynaecologists. It is a unique concept to keep a woman healthy and strong by addressing the typical health problems that they usually suffer from.

In the following paragraphs, let’s try to find out what does a well woman check consist of and how it can be helpful.

The concept is all about preventive health

Visiting a doctor only when you’re sick is too old an approach. These days, healthcare revolves more around planning and prevention than anything else. As you keep growing older, your body undergoes changes. As a result, your health experiences newer challenges. Well woman visits help you understand your individual health-related complexities and also how to avoid them.

It is not just about undergoing physical tests and diagnosis

At a well-woman clinic, you’re not just expected to undergo medical tests. Rather, you’re expected to speak up, share your problems, parttake in discussions and ask discussions. The overall approach is also aimed to raise your health consciousness. So, you can easily ask questions at such forums, discuss the health history of your family, talk about your stress level, mood swings, medication history, your sexual drive and so forth. This proves to be an excellent way to let your healthcare expert properly know your problems and guide you along the right way.

Building a bonding of mutual trust with the gynae is helpful

A renowned gynaecologist in London says, building a bond of mutual trust with your gynae healthcare provider proves beneficial in the long run. Any medical expert prefers patients, who’re really health-conscious. If you can portray your health-conscious image properly, the expert will take extra interest in diagnosing your health. During the well-woman visits, try to build that bond with your woman-health specialist.

Not always one-on-one

Don’t expect to be at the same destination at all times while undergoing well-woman  visits. Suppose, there’s a history of breast cancer in your family and your expert wants you to undergo a mammogram. It may so happen that the mammogram may be scheduled at a different place and time but covered by your insurance. Thus, keep it in mind that these special checkups are not always one-on-one events.

Scopes of well woman visits

The scope of well-woman visits may vary, depending on your present health conditions. Its scope may cover contraceptive counseling, alcohol misuse screening, STI screening, blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening, depression screening, nutrition and diet counseling, HIV screening, immunisations and vaccines.

Well woman visits won’t cost you money if you’ve medical insurance. Go for these routine annual health checkups to enjoy life to the rim.

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