What happens when you go for Sexual Health Check up

What happens when you go for Sexual Health Check up

Concerned about your sexual health? Do you notice some uncommon changes in your monthly cycles? If so, visiting a sexual health clinic in London is what you should do immediately. Go for a complete sexual health check-up and get away with your suspicions as early as possible. You can talk to a specialist in the field with confidence as you are not the only one experiencing this, there are thousands alike. However, there are certain things you should know before going for a close examination. In this blog, you can find answers to the commonly asked questions related to sexual health checks.

What questions will be asked of me?

In your first meeting, your gynaecologist or nurse will ask you various questions that you might feel probing. Remember, they are not there to judge you but find solutions to your possible sexual health-related problems. Make sure you respond with the most honest answers to get the best treatments by the sexual health experts.

The most common questions you will be asked about include number of sex partners you have, your sexual tendencies, your contraception preferences, etc. They may also want to know if you have had any sexual check-ups in the past. You should share any symptoms experienced and any concerns you have regarding your sexual health.

What are the tests they perform?

Firstly, you will be asked to get your urine and blood samples. Your nurse will ask you to get swabs from your vagina or urethra(in the penis). Women can get vagina swabs on their own, while men need a nurse to do it for them.

If you are into oral sex activity, a swab from the throat will also be required by the doctors. Similarly, the nurse will take swabs from the rectum in case of anal sexual activity. Further, the nurse or assigned specialist will examine your genitals during the sexual health check to detect any lumps, sores or uncommon bumps. Pregnancy tests will also be performed for women.

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How long will it take for the results?

The results depend on the tests performed because the majority of the STIs need lab tests which means it will take a few days to give you the test reports. All while this period, try not to get engaged in sexual activity without taking precautions.

What is the process of getting the results?

Several reputed sexual health clinics send the test reports via text message or reach you over the phone. They may also ask you to see them at the clinic. If in case you were engaged in unprotected sex in less than three months' time, you might possibly be asked to visit the clinic for re-tests. It is because, in these situations, infections take longer to get identified with a blood test.

What if my STI test is positive?

If your reports are positive, you will be on suitable medication. The best way is to consult with private gynecologist Mr. Hikmat Naoum at Gynae clinic.

To make sure you are safe, it is advised to go for regular checkups and seek necessary sexual health advice from your consultant gynaecologist.

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