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Private Baby Gender Scan in London - As Early As 20 Weeks

Your gynaecology expert can determine the sex of your unborn baby from as early as 20 weeks into your pregnancy. This is the earliest gender scan currently available.

How early can you have a gender scan?

It’s only around 11 weeks after pregnancy that we are able to tell whether the genitalia is male or female. Although a gender prediction can made between 10-12 weeks into pregnancy, it will only have an accuracy of only 85-90%. In most cases, an 100% accurate diagnosis can be made with a private scan in London after 20 weeks.

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it's easier, quicker and only takes 30 sec

How we determine the sex of an unborn baby

All fetuses have a small genital nub, a protrusion between the baby’s legs. If the baby is a boy, the testosterone hormone develops the nub into the scrotum and penis. With a girl, the genital nub becomes the labia and clitoris. This process does not occur until about seven weeks into the pregnancy.

In girls, the genital nub often lies horizontally and protrudes at an angle of less than 30 degrees away from the spine. In boys, the nub tends to point upwards at an angle of 30 degrees or more.

During your private early pregnancy scan in London, the baby must be lying on its back for the sonographer to see the nub clearly. For this reason, we may have to wait at least an hour for the baby to turn around and lie in the correct position.

How much does a baby gender scan cost?

  • Baby gender scan from as early as 20 weeks: £350

Why wait?! Find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl sooner with an baby gender scan in London. To schedule your appointment, please get in touch with Gynae Clinic today.

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