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IUD Coil Removal at Gynae Clinic

When using an Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) for birth control, there are occasions where the device will require removal or replacement. For the majority of women, removing an IUD follows the same procedure as insertion.

What is an IUD?

An IUD is a little T-shaped device that is implanted into a lady's uterus to prevent pregnancy. IUDs can be copper or hormonal.

IUDs, or the coil, is regarded as one of the best types of reversible birth control, with less than 1 in 100 women using an IUD as their contraceptive option falling pregnant every year.

Copper IUD

This T-formed device contains a stem wrapped with copper wire and two copper sleeves. These parts discharge copper into the uterus for up to as long as 10 years. This keeps sperm from fertilising with an ovum or egg.

Hormonal IUD

There are hormonal IUD choices available, however at Gynae Clinic, we use the Mirena coil, which offers the longest lasting protection. With a contraceptive lifespan of five years, the Mirena coil releases progestin in the uterus in order to prevent a pregnancy. The progestin thickens cervical mucus stopping sperm from reaching an egg. The hormone can likewise keep eggs from being discharged, and diminishes the uterine covering thus avoiding implantation.

When would it be a good idea for you to remove an IUD?

An IUD can be removed whenever you want. The IUD is most often removed when circumstances change, typically for the follow reasons:

  • Trying to get pregnant.
  • The IUD has reached the end of it’s lifespan.
  • Encountering unwanted symptoms.
  • Switching birth control to a different method.

Typically, an IUD removal is a swift and painless procedure, when undertaken by a trained specialist. (Hysteroscopy is unnecessary unless their IUD was left in post menopause for many decades.)

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it's easier, quicker and only takes 30 sec

Living with an IUD

When you have an IUD placed, you're secured against pregnancy from three to 10 years. The lifespan of the IUD depends on whether it is a copper coil, or a hormonal coil. The copper coil lasts for three to five years, and the hormonal coil lasts between five and ten years.

As part of a general health routine, ladies utilizing the IUD should check that it is in place every month. Once a coil is inserted properly, the strings will hang down into your vagina. You can check that the IUD is still properly in place by checking for these strings. You shouldn't be able to touch the IUD itself, just the strings.

You should contact your specialist if:

  • You are having unusual bleeding
  • You are having pain during intercourse
  • The IUD strings appear to be unusual
  • You can feel or are aware of different pieces of the IUD in your cervix or vagina.

When a copper IUD is inserted, you may experience heavier periods accompanied by menstrual cramping. This is normal. Most women find that their cycles regulate within a few months after insertion.

What to expect

A Consultant Gynaecologist at Gynae Clinic will remove your IUD, and can insert a new one during the same appointment if so needed.

This device can be provided at any point in your cycle; however it is easier to carry out during the latter part of your menstrual cycle as cervix is softer and more elastic.

Coil removal is generally a comfortable and easy procedure, and there are not normally any complications.

Risks and precautionary measures

At times, problems may occur during the removal of an IUD.

Incomplete removal

There is a small chance that the IUD may not expel completely. This can occur if the specialist is not able to find the IUD strings, which happens if the strings were cut too short during insertion.

The specialist may be forced to use an ultrasound to find the strings, and need additional instruments to help release the coil from the uterus, i.e. a cytobrush or an IUD hook.

The IUD moves

Rarely, the device moves into the uterine wall and in this situation a hysteroscopic procedure, under anaesthesia, is necessary.

One of our specialist consultant gynecologists has the facilities and expertise to fit or remove your coil as delicately and effortlessly as possible. There is no need to worry regarding the insertion or removal procedure. We have specifically designed gynaecological couches to assists with the insertion or removal of coils even if you are anatomically irregular.

You can book a coil fitting meeting with us without requiring a referral from another specialist and we generally offer same day appointments. You will be offered a specialist for your appointments who will give advice and, at the same time, fully support you if you are having problems or complications.

How much does coil removal cost?

Coil removal services are delivered by our Consultant Gynaecologist and the following prices are inclusive of Consultation and Consumables:

The total cost of Coil removal is £400 performed by highly regarded specialist gynaecologist at our clinic in Harley Street London

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