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Coil Fitting

Gynae Clinic specialises in the fitting and removal of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs), also known as “coils”. Coils are a safe and reliable method of contraception for women of all ages — it should however be noted that they do not prevent ectopic pregnancy. Once inserted, coils can stay inside the womb for 5-10 years. Our experienced gynaecologist in London can also fit IUDs as a form of emergency contraception up to five days after unprotected sex.

What types of coil are available?

  • Copper coil - lasts for 5-10 years
  • Mirena coil - lasts for 5 years and releases small amounts of progesterone hormone to help reduce heavy periods

What happens at my initial consultation?

You will meet with one of our skilled Harley Street doctors for a consultation to discuss and plan fitting your contraceptive coil. You will also have a cervical swab to screen for any gynaecological infections, namely chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

What does in coil fitting procedure ?

We will book you in for a second appointment to fit your coil just after you finish your period and the cervix is more pliable. The procedure will take roughly just five minutes.

You will have a pelvic ultrasound scan in order to assess your uterus and determine where to place the device. The coil will be inserted through the vagina and cervix, followed by another ultrasound to ensure it’s correctly positioned. The attached thread is trimmed at the cervix in order to aid future removal.

Your coil will be fitted with the use of anaesthetic gel to ensure you have the most comfortable procedure possible. Extra pain relief can also be administered if necessary.

Follow-up appointments

After your coil has been placed, you should return to our gynae surgery in 6-8 weeks for an ultrasound scan (which is included in the original price). The coil should also be further checked with each cervical smear to ensure it hasn’t shifted position.

Our gynaecologist in London helps you if you face pain after coil fitting.

In case of coil fitting removal our gynaecologists in Harley street assist you.


Are you interested in being fitted with the contraceptive coil? Please book your consultation with us today.

Are you interested in decreasing your risk of cervical cancer with the Gardasil vaccine? Please schedule your consultation at Gynae Clinic today.

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