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Copper coil fitting at Gynae-Clinic, Harley Street, London

Gynae-Clinic specialises in the fitting and removal of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs), that are also known as “coils” and one of the most popular of the coils we fit is the copper coil.

For many years coils have been the contraceptive of choice for women looking for a safe and reliable way to prevent pregnancy. These coils can be fitted in women of all ages although it should be understood that they would not prevent an ectopic pregnancy. After a copper coil fitting, the coil will remain in the womb for a period of five to ten years. A factor that might not be as well known is the fact that any of our experienced gynaecologists in our Harley Street Clinic can also fit a coil as a form of emergency contraception for a period of up to five days after there has been unprotected sex.

There are bound to be a lot of questions when you decide that you are going to undergo a procedure like this, but our experienced staff will be able to satisfy all of your concerns. One of the questions that many women ask is if the coil will be felt in the course every day life and the answer to that is no. A properly fitted coil should not be noticeable at all. The coil works by releasing small amounts of the progesterone hormone and it is that which acts as a contraceptive.

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it's easier, quicker and only takes 30 sec

To re-cap, here are the five top advantages to having a copper coil fitted.

  • Five years contraceptive cover
  • Comfortable and unnoticed when fitted
  • Alternative to the contraceptive pill
  • Harley Street Clinic
  • Highly experienced and friendly staff

If you have decided that you would like to have a copper coil fitting in London then our Harley Street clinic should be the first place you think of. Our experienced and friendly staff will always make you very welcome and will talk you through what is involved with whichever contraceptive choice that you make.

If you choose a coil, then copper coil fitting in Harley Street will offer you the prestige and the convenience of it’s prestigious location where you can discuss all your concerns and find knowledgeable and non judgmental staff who will help you ensure good gynaecological health from the start of your reproductive life to the menopause and beyond.

A basic rundown of costs includes:

Copper coil fitting services are delivered by our Consultant Gynaecologist and the following prices are inclusive of Consultation and Consumables:

  • Copper Coil Fitting - £550

Whether this is the first coil you are having fitted or a change of coil type, we know that from the minute that you enter our clinic you will appreciate the special care and attention that you get and the very specialised treatment offered at Gynae-Clinic.

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